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 2 Year- old Class 

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As two-year-olds go through rapid growth and change, it is crucial to provide them with a  nurturing  environment that supports their development.  At A B Sea Preschool, we understand the importance of fostering a nurturing and encouraging atmosphere that stimulates their natural curiosity and encourages exploration.

We recognize that each child is unique and develops at their own pace.  Therefore, we provide developmentally appropriate activities and experiences that cater to the children's individual needs and interests.

We understand that PLAY is a vital aspect of a child's development.  It is through play that children learn about the world around them, develop problem-solving skills, and build social connections.  We offer a wide range of play-based activities that are carefully designed to promote learning and growth.  


Children learn best through PLAY! Read more to learn about our Jellyfish class:

  • Making friends: Engage in interactive play and build social skills by interacting with their friends in a supportive environment.
  • Express Yourself: Develop emotional awareness and self-expression through fun activities that encourage self-discovery and emotional exploration.
  • Communication: Explore language and communication skills through reading exciting stories, singing songs, and having conversations with our caring teachers.
  • On the path to Reading: Begin to develop early literacy skills by being exposed to books, rhymes, and age-appropriate language activities. We are setting the stage for early literacy skills.
  • Mathematician: Discover basic math concepts through hands-on experiences that involve counting, sorting, and exploring shapes and patterns.
  • Science in action: Spark their curiosity through scientific age- appropriate experiments, exploring nature through outdoor time and engaging in fun sensory play.
  • Art: Enhance fine motor skills through art projects, sensory manipulatives, and activities that promote hand-eye coordination.
  • Music & Movement: Develop gross motor skills by participating in physical activities such as introducing yoga, outdoor play, and music/movement-based carpet time games.
  • Finding Independence: Cultivate independence and self-help skills by encouraging them to make choices, engage in our daily routines, and develop basic self-care habits.

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